Time to wake up

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Re: Time to wake up

Postby BrittV (facilitator) » Mon Jun 25, 2018 8:49 am

Welcome to the forum Coxy85!
I'm BrittV, the community manager on this forum.
Well done on taking steps to gain control of those demons.

I agree with pamela, this is a really supportive place to meet people sharing your experience. I really hope it's helpful for you.
There are so many people on here who are where you're at now or have been in the past, and are here to hear and support you.

Face to face meetings are not one of the services our organisation provides, but you can see a list of Victorian Gamblers Anonymous meetings here.
Just be cautious moving forward about sharing identifiable information on things like your location, staying anonymous will help you feel confident in your honesty here.

Welcome, and I look forward to reading about your journey!
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Re: Time to wake up

Postby Coxy84 » Sun Jun 24, 2018 10:10 am

Cheers for the support
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Re: Time to wake up

Postby pamela » Sun Jun 24, 2018 9:14 am

Hi Coxy84..welcome to this forum.an well done for admitting to a problem because that is the hardest thing to do but it can also be the first step towards recovery..we all have similar stories to tell and are all supportive of each other..there is a lot of help available so I would get as much as possible..its a hard road to travel when giving up but a well worth one ..keep posting and coming here often..good luck
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Re: Time to wake up

Postby How the F did I get here » Sat Jun 23, 2018 11:04 pm

Hi Coxy84,

Time to wake up it certainly is!
Everything you wrote is relatable.
I didnt start at 16, I was 18 but been addicted same span as you.

Get to as many meetings as you can. It really is amazing how good you feel sharing with a bunch of strangers, all with something in common.
And yes it really does lift such a burden off your shoulders.
For me I tried to block it all out and thought out of site out of mind, but I was wrong.
This time I took a new approach and have consumed myself with thinking about gambling and so far it's working.

All I can say is be strong and believe you are worth it. Even after 7 days gamble free I felt so free and proud of myself. Life is so good without those fkn machines. It will still be an emotional bumpy ride for a while but trust me it gets better.

All the best ☺
How the F did I get here
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Time to wake up

Postby Coxy84 » Sat Jun 23, 2018 10:02 pm

Hi all, finally time to do something about my pokie addiction, all started when i first went to the pub at age 16 with a fake ID ever since i have been hooked on these stupid things im now 34 and have wasted a huge amount of money and wasted alot of my life sitting at venues and casinos everything i ever did revolved around pokies if i went on holidays i would only go to places with pokies around and anytime i had spare cash thats the first place i would go its almost like im addicted to losing im not happy untill i walk away with no money its like a weight lifts off my shoulders and i can function again find it strange but guess been doing it for so long it just became a thing. Hoping to beat the demons and meeting up with like minded people at group meetings if that's a thing that happens... wish me luck people this is gonna be hard
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