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  • Getting started

    All about our Gambling Help Online forums and how to use them. A great place to start.
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    Getting started

    Thu Nov 01, 2018 1:45 pm

    Welcome to the community!

    The Gambling Help Online forum is a free, private and confidential space for anybody affected by problems relating to gambling to come together. Our community is here to give you a safe space to share advice, support and encouragement.

    For over six years now it has been a caring and informative place for anyone concerned about your own gambling or the gambling of someone close to you.
    As a visitor, you can always read through the shared stories of others’ experiences with gambling and their strategies for change.

    Before contributing you will need to complete a quick registration and make sure you are logged in.
    It only takes a minute in 4 quick steps:
    1. Enter email and password
    2. Choose an anonymous username
    3. Answer 3 quick questions
    4. Click ‘Register’

    Rest assured your information is safe and will be kept confidential, including the email address given for your account. You will need to accept our terms and conditions.

    To get as much as possible out of the forums, it can be good to read through the different areas so you get an idea of how things work.

    Change Makers is a place for those wanting to make/maintain change in their gambling to come together. You might like to use this section to
    • Begin to track your journey in recovery
    • Seek and share strategies, tips & ideas for change
    • Seek and share motivation, encouragement and support.
    We also have a section for Family and Friends to support each other, as well as share their experiences, ideas and self-care strategies.
    The 100 Day Challenge is for those completing the challenge to track their progress.

    We’re committed to keeping the forums safe and confidential for everyone. Make sure that you read through the terms and conditions to get an understanding of what’s appropriate to post. Members of the Gambling Help Online team are here every day.

    There are a lot of helpful instructions on the How-to thread, and if you have any more questions don't hesitate to post them in the Feedback and queries thread.

    Ready to jump in? Why not start by introducing yourself? We have introduction threads for both those making change in their gambling, and affected friends & family.
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