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  • Not the first false start

    For those taking the 100 Day Challenge. Share your journey, seek support and track your progress here!
    Junior Member
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    Not the first false start

    Fri Sep 23, 2022 12:37 pm

    I have used this forum previously but never took it too seriously, I now find myself looking for some clear guidance regarding my problem gambling which started a long time ago. This is my day one, why, because I had another bad night last night and I clearly need help.
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    Joined: Tue Mar 29, 2022 6:18 am

    Re: Not the first false start

    Fri Sep 23, 2022 12:57 pm

    Hi @Johnd

    Congrats on taking the first step and realising you need help.

    We have all been on day 1 before and it is quite overwhelming.

    In my experience, I have felt guilt, shame, betrayal, sadness and all the other feelings that come with it.

    Maybe start by speaking to one of the online Counsellers through here?

    I've talked to one before via direct messaging and she was amazing! Helped me realise what exactly my triggers were and why I kept going to the pub.

    You need to find your "Why"......my main why is to save my family and the relationship with my husband.

    Then I focused on distraction....... "What could I do better with my time" ...I wrote a list and every time I get the urge, I try to do something from that list.
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    Senior Member
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    Re: Not the first false start

    Sun Sep 25, 2022 11:56 am

    Good on you for jumping on @Johnd

    According to research studies, One of the most effective ways to curb a gambling addiction is to jump on a peer support forum.

    I’m not out of the woods yet, but if you use the forum as a bit of a small momentum boost (post once a day or couple of times a week) you will notice it get easier and your mood very much improved 💪
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    Re: Not the first false start

    Mon Sep 26, 2022 8:57 am

    Thank you both for the great advice and support for each other! @smokey86 and @spentitallagain

    Welcome back @Johnd~ If you need anything or any help about where and how to take the first step, feel free to message me or @Printemps. You can also chat to a counsellor using the live chat function in the Gambling Help Online website, here is the link if you need: https://www.gamblinghelponline.org.au/t ... ounselling
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