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  • This addiction will not beat me. Day 1

    For those taking the 100 Day Challenge. Share your journey, seek support and track your progress here!
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    Joined: Thu Aug 06, 2020 4:43 pm

    This addiction will not beat me. Day 1

    Sun Aug 14, 2022 9:36 pm

    Here I am again, this path of addiction is horrible. I have lost family members, friends, huge debt and gained depression and anxiety and left feeling hopeless.

    I am getting counselling , I have put in the self exclusion from NT betting sites, gam ban on my phone and i still found a way today. I'm feeling hopeless and useless at life. But I remember my life without gambling and it was so good. Today is day 1. The day I choose to survive and continue on the journey.

    I have remind myself of the things I'm grateful for atm. I am grateful for still having a roof over my head, a good job and my dog.

    Day 1.
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    Joined: Wed Jun 08, 2022 3:48 pm

    Re: This addiction will not beat me. Day 1

    Mon Aug 15, 2022 9:40 am

    Hey @yep123 ,
    I am so sorry to hear what happened. This is a tough journey..
    Well done for taking a step further by having counselling, that's a big commitment.

    Reflect back to this lapse, perhaps think about these questions, what triggered you? How can you better manage this situation next time it happens?
    We are always here to help~
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    Re: This addiction will not beat me. Day 1

    Sun Sep 04, 2022 6:59 pm

    So sorry to hear about the set backs mate.

    I came back on and off here like 3-4 times over a couple of years and now have made it past 100 days. You can definitely do it.
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