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  • Addiction

    For people making and maintaining change in their gambling. Connect, ask questions, offer advice, and share your story in here. If you are new to the site drop in and say hello!
    Junior Member
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    Joined: Sun Nov 16, 2014 3:48 pm


    Sun Nov 16, 2014 3:58 pm

    hi all,
    I am a 20 year old woman who has finally accepted that I have a gambling addiction.
    it has taken me months to realize how much gambling has affected my life. It all started so simple it was just every now and again but now I find myself robbing Peter to pay Paul simply so I can go and have a fix.
    my partner and I would drive all day just to go somewhere new, I have borrowed money I can't afford to pay back, robbed myself of the clothes on my back simply to take the chance of winning what I have lost back.
    I want to change my life so I can have more than what I have now. I want to see a future that is bright and gamble free. It starts today.. doing the 100 day challenge is my way of saying enough is enough.
    I can do this!!
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    Re: Addiction

    Sun Nov 16, 2014 4:34 pm

    Well done Melissa in already identifying this as a problem now. From my experience of just acceptance of years of losses, and going back for more, to see that this is causing you harm at age 20 is a fantastic step. You have heaps of time to work through this, so many people here have had to try and find their way to overcome the lure of gambling.

    It does lure us with excitement, anticipation and a sort of thrill, which studies have shown the machines ask to stimulate endorphins in our mind to keep us playing, particularly pokies, which was my poison. But eventually, after telling myself that i just cannot keep losing money, i summoned the resolve to stop. That i did on April 9th this year, but only after 15 years or more of pokies.

    But well done Melissa, you can do this. You could maybe estimate what you may have been spending a day gambling, and keep a tally of what you're not losing (spending) on gambling as the days roll on. That can be a very illuminating tool to use. Also, and i speak of this from experience sadly, the longer you do it, and accumulate debts, you rob yourself of your time and future. That's something which you should always try to avoid. Discovering it now is a great first step!
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    Noah (facilitator)
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    Re: Addiction

    Wed Nov 19, 2014 5:54 pm

    Hey Melissa,
    Welcome to the forum! Just so you know there is free specialist gambling counselling and financial counselling available. If you're interested, feel free to PM me and you can find out more or otherwise call Gamblers Helpline on 1800 858 858 for information, support and referral. Thanks for sharing your story! You can do it!!!
    Keep in touch :)
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    Re: Addiction

    Tue Feb 10, 2015 5:58 pm

    So I will forgive myself if I do relapse again. Just have to restart and just think it was just a blip then try to learn from it.
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    Charlotte (facilitator)
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    Re: Addiction

    Wed Feb 11, 2015 12:19 pm

    Hi hortncizigr,

    Forgiving yourself for mistakes is really important. if we beat ourselves up, we feel even worse, and that way more gambling can lie. Mistakes are most definitely an opportunity to learn - e.g., what can you do differently next time a similar situation/feeling comes up?

    All the best,
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