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Get angry, but get even by stopping

Posted: Sat Oct 10, 2015 6:52 pm
by Dave68
I saw this article in the Herald-Sun about a poker machine which had reached $24,600 in it's 'Jackpot' feature before being removed from this venue before that jackpot amount had been paid out. It reads as to how several gamblers at this venue are rather cheesed off with this decision, and feel how hard done by they are that a lot of their investments never got the chance, so to speak to come to fruition. ... 7562615215

It reminds me of my hambling journey, and how i'd play machines that had a jackpot feature, be it a random amount that might be say between $400 and $500, or one that goes off like the train features or something. A lot of these have the almost culpable rider in their fine print that suggests a bigger bet means more chances to get the 'jackpot'. On several occasions i'd play one in the past, and whilst once in a blue moon i may get one, almost always you'd find your money runs out far quicker than the jackpot figure does.

But again something i did to help me stop, i got angry at myself, at the machines, and at my stupidity for continuing to go to these venues, and spend all my money only to come home empty-handed. The jackpots are a lure for sure, but when i think back about my 'bad luck', it was simply my being there that was the bad luck in itself. Going into a venue, inserting hundreds of my hard earned money into a machine with the forlorn hope it might pay out something. And once you put in $200, $300 or so, you remain tempted to stay around, as that jackpot figure (say about $500); creates a voice in your head...'If i get the payout i'm back in front'. So you may stay longer, and put more in.....and invariably you've lost over $500 and got nothing at all. You leave, totally downhearted and frustrated and bemoan your luck.

Well, in this case, take the example of this machine being removed as a reason to get angry at the venue. Get angry at yourself too, and angry at all the money you spend. Angry at the fact that rather than being able to afford the car repairs, or the groceries, or the power bill you decided to put it into a machine. Tell yourself that this is the end, that no longer will you, as a venue, as a voracious machine, will ever get my money again. Tell yourself that you can essentially stick your jackpot where the sun don't shine as such. That by never being in there in the first place will always leave you miles ahead of any amount of time being in there shoving money into the slots.

I stay angry even when going to the two venues on my delivery round every day. I tell myself in the car, look at what it's left me with. Heaps of debts, the fact that i cannot take even one day off from this job due to being in the hock so much, and also that many of your contemporary friends and family are able to enjoy holidays, new purchases, anything. Stuff normal people who never gambled do all the time, and stuff that me as a gambler of 28 years will almost never be likely to. It still hits me every day even thought now at 10/10/15, it's fully 18 months since my last pokie spin in a venue. The damage remains far longer lasting than any short-term joy and excitement about getting a win of a few hundred dollars, and the pain lingers for me almost ceaselessly. I use that to stay away, and i just have to. It's working for me to keep away from those machines. I think we all maybe have our different triggers and responses, but if others reading this can perhaps see where i am coming from, and allow the memories of what their gambling forays have created in terms of loss, pain and everything else bad about losing on them, then it's worthwhile.

That's just how i feel now, even after this 18 months. Also, reading this article it again shows in the comments how little sympathy the general public seem to have for gamblers. For some reason even articles about ice use have a few supporters, ones who argue that it's a horrid drug that can get anyone, to those who use the odd argument that alcohol kills more, so ice is O.K. But with gambling, everyone says we're stupid and deserve our fate. Despite the fact the government makes a poultice out of our largesse.

Yep, so use that too. The double standards by some of those who comment on the article are quite palpable, but deep down it's probably true. We did it, we play them, we lose our money. Thus, stop doing this, and make the venues squirm and the government start to ponder the lost commissions. We have power to deny them this money. let's do it, stay away, and stop donating our hard earned!

Re: Get angry, but get even by stopping

Posted: Sat Oct 10, 2015 9:01 pm
by pamela
Well said Dave,,only trouble is we don't realise what a problem we have until it is too late and I agree that gamblers don't get the support that drug users get .It is as you chose to play so choose to give it up.Yea and that is easy when you have a fogged brain. I really hate something that I thought I used to love and never want to go near one again. When I think of all I have missed out on and all I will miss out on because of them I get really mad with myself but can only blame me and no-one else.But I am heading in the right direction and hope I too can make it to !8 months gamble free like you

Re: Get angry, but get even by stopping

Posted: Sun Oct 11, 2015 6:17 pm
by Elouisa
Hi Dave68, thank you for posting this.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading about this. I hadn't heard until you put it out here.
Of course the machine wasn't removed because it was old, it was removed because the jackpot was getting too high! It is such a sleazy business which I want no part of.
You are spot on about non-gamblers opinions of us. They simply believe we can stop just like that and it's our fault and greed.

I remember the train jackpots too! I was a max bet person so my machine hit them quite often much to the disgust of fellow patrons who conveniently forgot how quickly my high betting ran it down 5 times faster! It was the case the higher the bet the more likely the chance of a jackpot. I never got a major one though in any case.

I must add congratulations again to you and it's fantastic you continue to share and contribute on here which is an enormous help! I reckon lots of people out there read and acknowledge without necessarily wanting to share in the forum which is another benefit of this site.
Keep up your good work.

Re: Get angry, but get even by stopping

Posted: Sun Oct 11, 2015 10:58 pm
by Suzy1
You are so right about this. It's disgusting but the Machines are designed by psychologists who know what triggers to use to get players to stay on the machine. Us ordinary people have little hope and it seems to me the kindest most trusting people are the vulnerable ones because they're a bit more gullible.
I started out spending $20, then up to $50. I remember the first time I put a $50 note in the change machine I couldn't believe I was doing it! Once the jackpots came in I quickly went up to $500! My life is permanently changed from it but I'm determined to at least fix it now. I too hope everyone stops playing them. Society doesn't like to sympathise with us because it's like a big wound they don't want to open up. The moderate gamblers want to continue without thinking it's the problem gamblers who fund their so called fun. People who have had sheltered lives just don't get it and probably never will. At the venues it's like the elephant in the room!
Good on you for teaching 18 months, I'm day 151 today, I'm looking forward to reaching 18 months! Thank you for sharing

Re: Get angry, but get even by stopping

Posted: Mon Oct 12, 2015 11:20 pm
by pamela
Well done Suzy I am sure you will reach 18 months too..keep up the good work

Re: Get angry, but get even by stopping

Posted: Wed Mar 09, 2016 6:58 am
by dav
Thank you for the post. I'm day one and I pray I will commit to stop chasing winnings that just ruined my home and marriage. When I look back, I just feel stupid and feel it's been like chasing the wind. When in the casino I just can't keep my winnings I have to give it all back and more from what I don't even have. That is I end up going negative to my account. What a mess I've created in my life. I'm mad with myself and I hope this will help me stop

Re: Get angry, but get even by stopping

Posted: Wed Mar 09, 2016 1:41 pm
by doug
Yes stop the madness,
get even. hang tough everyone