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  • 100 days challenge number two

    For people making and maintaining change in their gambling. Connect, ask questions, offer advice, and share your story in here. If you are new to the site drop in and say hello!
    Senior Member
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    Re: 100 days challenge number two

    Tue Feb 16, 2016 9:29 pm

    Dont give in to temptatiom..as bad as everything looks and is..gambling more will only make it worse..stay strong and soon you will have the money you need..we have all hit rock bottom and thats why we are here..say no to gambling and leave the past behind and look forward to a new beginning
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    Senior Member
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    Re: 100 days challenge number two

    Wed Feb 17, 2016 1:09 am

    Hi SW1, i can feel your pain and if you're anything like me, you probably have those thoughts in your head that so often tell yourself that you could have done things differently, if only we made different choices etc. And the cold hard reality is that we are in our situation simply because of those choices and decisions, and unlike an illness or something, our hurt is financial and nothing short term will ever fix that. It's kind of a forlorn thought.

    Mind you, on the car front i kind have got sort of lucky to some extent, and that's by going bargain basement in a way. My only new car i ever had was a '99 Hyundai Excel, which i bought brand new (with cash mind you) with the proceeds of my package that i got from the post office when i left in Mar '99. I got a payout of just over $40K, and thus heralded probably the most exciting phase of my life. More money than i ever had before (mainly because i'd always gambled on horses, and probably about 18 months earlier i started having dalliances with pokies) and also, no need to go to work...or at least while i had money.

    So i enjoyed going up to Crown regularly, spending my money...and obviously looking back wasting my money, and i got the new car. By about June i had pretty much used it all up, i also paid some money back on the $16K of debts i had at that stage, and then kind of discovered that i would just be re-drawing the GE credit lines and suddenly within a few months, i had no package left, a new car, and plenty of debt again. I got a job driving taxis, and then a couple of years later got back into the post office again. Thus i was working again, but throughout the 00's i would also lose money regularly on pokies.

    Yep, so my Excel once i started doing the papers would rapidly feel the pinch, and thus by 2011 it was smoky, the gearbox was slipping and the air-con had ceased to work. On the side of the road outside a place i deliver papers to, is a Sonata for $500. Looked it over, got it roadworthied and it stood me in good stead for four years. Last week, with the Sonata having done a faithful 100,000 klms it's feeling the pinch and i see a Verada for sale. THis one was $1500, in straight condition, and needs about $400 to be roadworthied. I now have this car, and i guess in a small sign of improvement, i had the cash to buy it.

    But there's usually plenty of older cars that will do the job reasonably well for only 2-3K, and would be a better option that trying to repair a newer car with many faults. Much to my chagrin, it seems a mechanic can charge $100 just to pop the bonnet, and their high labour costs rankle with me give i only get just over $20 an hour for my work. It's another sobering thing to tell you about gambling as well. For me, it hit home so much as i pass 22 months of being pokie-free, that i spend an hour working for $20 yet put 50's into a machine and watch them be eaten up with only several minutes of button pressing. It's such a powerful reminder of what the machines do, and it's something you need to keep thinking of, keeping that image, and that reality in your conscious when the gambling demon comes calling with his deceptive siren-song of promises of easy money and a win to solve our problems. The demon lies, the machines lie. They solve nothing, they instead have created all our problems.

    The machines have left you with a situation of nothing but debts, and no assets, with a car that is neglected due to no money. The gambling demon did this to you, me, Pamela and all of us in this forum. A rare few people might get lucky, but it's fleeting, and as a couple of people have posted in their stories, even a lucky, hot start is not enough to defray the inevitable slide into losing and despair. If you can keep those feelings, and i've said before, try to maintain an anger at the machines for putting you in this situation, it can help keep the gambling at bay. And if you stay clean for several weeks, you might accumulate enough to maybe get a cheap workable car outright, which will keep you on the road for a while until you build back up. Basically a workable, roadworthy car can be got for no more than $2000, and almost all cars now have auto, air and steer so it's still functional and good enough. Also, getting the older car can be a constant reminder to you that it was gambling that put you in that car, and may give an extra fillip to the desire to rid the scourge of the machines forever. It could be something that works, and i reckon is a better long term option than paying a mechanic maybe a couple of thousand to fix a car that may still have problems anyway especially if you need to get it roadworthied. That's one of my real bugbears, i do feel roadworthy certificates are like a penalty against the poor, i am sure 99% of all road trauma is caused by bad driving and inattentiveness/drunkenness rather than a frayed seatbelt or a tiny oil leak under the engine. Anyway, stick with it, you're doing well to stay away, and keep trying to do that, it's the only thing we can do. Nothing else will change our situation, and we know that gambling does nothing but make things worse.
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    Senior Member
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    Re: 100 days challenge number two

    Wed Feb 17, 2016 8:43 pm

    Thank you very much for a really good response Dave, in a couple of pays I should be able to afford a cheap car, if I can find one. And not gamble!
    I will see if I can get anything for my Subaru, not sure if I will be able to sell it.
    Our stories aren't the same, but a lot of similarities, that's for sure!
    I hate those machines
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