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Judmental people

Posted: Tue Jul 05, 2022 10:04 pm
by Sportssensation

Quick run down
Mid 30s , female
Sports , pokies , anything really..

Have done this for a while but before kids wasn't such a problem.
Lately it's been taking up every moment of my life.. sneak off here, slap after gym , or whenever I get the time..
Bet online at all hours of the day..

So my point.
I have 2 beautiful kids who are not neglected at all. Always dressed well , fed well, emotionally adored and loved.
Everything comes first then the gambling comes after. I'd rather walk around in 10 year old clothing or my husands clothes or keep using the excuse that I need to loose more weight from my youngest so won't buy any till them.
I'm normally quite vain with my beauty but let it all go for the thrill.

My big rant is. I've come clean. Opened up. But why is everyone so judgemental and taboo. Why is gambling and money such a hard subject for people. It makes me sick.
People automatically shut you out or judge you and want nothing to do with you.

This is the time you need support most , this is the time you want to talk to people ans have people there.

I'm deadset over it. I'm a good person, but I'm over the standards other people have. Like no one is perfect no one. But the bullshit people have put me through is ****.

I know I've hurt people I accept that. I know I am not trustworthy I know I've lied.
But you don't push people out who are willing to change or at the very least try.

Thanks for reading.

Re: Judmental people

Posted: Wed Jul 06, 2022 10:16 am
by Pikachu
Hi @Sportssensation ,
Welcome to the forum and well done on making the posts.
I am so sorry to hear you have had some judgemental views from people around you. A lot of people in the society still don't understand gambling addiction. They don't know the psychological factors that are influencing on addiction behaviours. With all the negative experiences you have been through, you are still brave and have courage to come here and shared your story, that is an amazing thing to do. So well done! :o
It is good to hear you still have some people that are around and just be there for you.
I am wondering what kinds of support you have available? Or are you thinking to have some formal support in place to help you get through the journey? I have sent you a private message with some services, let us know if you are looking for extra information to help you. Just @ myself or @Printemps. :);