Gratitude walk challenge

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Gratitude walk challenge

Postby BriM » Thu Oct 17, 2013 9:23 am

Hey guys

Just thought i'd share with you a little technique I've been trying out for the last week or so. I am finding that it's a beautiful way to start off the day and it actually sets my mood up for the entire day. I want to challenge you guys to try it for a week - see if it makes a difference. There's really no excuse as it's even easier now that the weather's getting nicer and the sun's out and it smells like spring

So it goes like this...

Every morning I walk to work which takes about 10 minutes. I'm lucky that the route I take cuts through a park for a couple of minutes, but it doesn't matter if yours doesn't. You could just as easily just go for a walk around the block before leaving work. In fact, you could do this walk in 5 minutes.

As I walk, I look at everything around me, and I mean really expand my awareness so that I actively 'see' it. I'm talking about the trees, the wind, the cars, the children in their school uniforms, the playground, the flowers, the flats surrounding the park, the shops, the path under my feet, the blue sky, the sun, the two people chatting over coffee - and I express my gratitude for everything. Try it - once you start, you can't stop, and you'll find that your gratitude extends to more and more - to an awareness of how lucky you are to be born in this country, for your family, for your friends, and if you don't have family or friends, for your two legs that allow you to walk freely, for the opportunity to go to work every day (or not to!) for your hands that allow you to write, for your neck that holds your head up...

...for the opportunity to connect with other people on this forum, for the incredible creation of the internet itself that allows us to do so many things, for the brain which allowed people to innovate the internet in the first place...! See! You can just keep going.

I'd really love to see if this has such a profound effect on you guys as it does me. It's actually quite funny when you see how far you can go with this. Imagine setting your day up just thinking on how much you..or we...have to be grateful for. It's awesome.

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