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  • Newbie to the forum

    For people making and maintaining change in their gambling. Connect, ask questions, offer advice, and share your story in here. If you are new to the site drop in and say hello!
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    Joined: Mon Sep 14, 2020 8:15 am

    Newbie to the forum

    Mon Sep 14, 2020 8:21 am

    Hi there
    I've just joined this forum this morning.
    I guess im like most people in here, i have a problem with gambling.
    I've resisted to get help for as long as i can remember but i've pretty much hit rock bottom and i can't live like this much longer.
    My wife and I have taken a break until i sort my life out so im currently living at my younger brothers house which im embarrassed about.
    i've put myself in so much debt, i owe people money, i cant pay my bills and... and the sad thing is i knew what i was doing and still did it anyways just for my fix.
    Guess i just wanted to get it off my chest and thought maybe tying it down in here may help. I dont know.
    Anyways i hope using this forum helps.
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    Re: Newbie to the forum

    Mon Sep 14, 2020 6:13 pm

    Hi Pricey and Welcome,

    Congrats on having the courage to reach out and ask for help. It takes guts so be proud you have taken the first step.

    We all have a similar story here, the main thing is to not dwell on the past. We've all made mistakes and felt the shame and guilt that comes from a gambling binge.
    You have to look forward, set a goal and work towards it. Even if that goal is small. Like "I'm not going to gamble today" once you achieve that you can set another goal and before you know it you've strung day after day together.

    This forum saved not only my life but my soul. There is no judgement here, you are free to be open and honest about your addiction. Just take it one day at a time, use all the tools available, and know that you are not alone.

    There will be ups and downs but just know that the journey is worth taking. I've been gamble free for over 3 1/2 years now and this forum has a lot to do with it.

    Wishing you all the best
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    Re: Newbie to the forum

    Mon Sep 14, 2020 9:25 pm

    Welcome to this forum and well done for admitting a problem and for seeking advice.
    We all have a similar tale to tell.
    You have taken the first step by coming here.
    Staying with your brother might not be your ideal,but it seems he is willing to help,so ask him for it.
    Ask him to help you with your finance,it might be hard,but it will be useful.
    Limit the amount of money you carry
    Don't be embarrassed to ask for help
    Tell your friends what you are going through,most people appreciate the honesty
    Most importantly,dont dwell on what has gone before you,concentrate on your future
    Small steps,good luck
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    Calvin (facilitator)
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    Re: Newbie to the forum

    Wed Sep 16, 2020 11:04 am

    Hi @pricey1981
    Welcome to the forums! Good on you for taking that step to reach out for some help!

    As you can see, this is a great place to start to get support and tips on what you can do to help tackle that gambling bug.

    Think about what urges you experience to gamble, what triggers you to gamble, also what you can do to help distract yourself when you're having an urge, think about who you can reach out to when you're struggling.
    As @JinxyWolf said, this is an anonymous and non-judgemental platform so we are happy to listen.
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