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Re: Don’t know what to do. Feel sick.

Posted: Sun Jun 21, 2020 11:09 pm
by JinxyWolf
Hi Everyone,

I just come across this thread and am so happy to see so many of you supporting one another. I know that when I first started my journey this forum was my life line and the support I got is a big reason why I am still gamble free 3 years later. From the others on the forum to my email councellor they helped me through the toughest journey I have ever been on but also the most rewarding and life changing.

Taking the steps to join this forum shows that you all have great strength and courage. It takes a lot of courage to reach out and admit you need help.
Remember that even if you stumble and gamble, this is not a failure, it is just one more step on the path to becoming gamble free, own it and learn from it.

You can do this, you all deserve a gamble free future. The past is the past and can not be changed only learnt from. No good will come from beating yourself up for past mistakes, and I know from experience how easy it is to fall into the shame and guilt of past mistakes but only by trying to forgive yourself and learn from those mistakes can you truly begin to move forward.

When I first started my journey I got the best piece of advise and it has served me well - Don't say "I will never gamble again" it seems too impossible just say "I will not gamble today" or even "I will not gamble in the next hour or minute" whatever time frame seems achievable. Don't look too far ahead, take it one hour, day at a time.

Be well and Stay Strong.


Re: Don’t know what to do. Feel sick.

Posted: Wed Jun 24, 2020 12:01 am
by pamela
hi Jinxy,I remember when you first posted here.You have come such a long way and should be really proud.
I always said take each day as it comes and say I won't gamble today.
The road to freedom is bumpy at times..but can be smoothed out for a better life,as you know