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  • 9 months later

    For people making and maintaining change in their gambling. Connect, ask questions, offer advice, and share your story in here. If you are new to the site drop in and say hello!
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    9 months later

    Wed Aug 28, 2019 3:00 am

    About 9 months ago i decided it was finally time to end it, turned 30 this year and it was time to start thinking about what i really wanted, and that was financial freedom! A lot of people keep telling me to go on a holiday and book one but im not that much of a holiday person, my big thing is wanted to be able to buy what i want, go to the movies when i want, go to dinner or drinks or just any social outing and not think, damn do i even have money for that?

    About 12 months ago my bank account was probably like most people's here...

    Transaction Account: $0
    Savings: $0...

    Got paid every Wednesday 8pm around $900 every week, $250-300 came out for bills and the rest went to pokies, and by 11pm Wednesday night i was broke, id walk home thinking in my head EVERY TIME "F*** me what am i doing with my life, we just worked all week 40+ hours to Pi** is all away in 3 hours..."

    So one night i went into the club with around $400.. and i hit a minor ball got up to around $2800 and i was feeling magic im sure you all know this feeling... Was pretty pumped and thought surely it will happen again, so playing $10 a hit within 40 mins i had pumped through $2800...

    I literally felt so sick to my stomach and im sure you all know as well once you blow this level of money you're mind instantly starts scrolling through every little thing you could have done with that money... Bills, Clothes, New laptop, new shoes, dentist appointment, Birthdays, Christmas gifts, EVERYTHING!

    To say i was shattered was an understatement, so i started walking out the club feeling sick and as i was about to walk out the door i thought, no no im not doing this again, so i turned around and ended up self excluding.

    It has helped since then but its not full proof im in NSW and there are so many venues when you actually sit down and have a look on google maps at how many there are with poker machines its quite laughable tbh...

    But its great it does help to a point and make it easier.. So anyway fast forward to today and im doing a lot better! I still play now and again but very rarely.. its very controlled dont take crazy amounts of money anymore like $50 max and thats it maybe once every 6 weeks if that with a friend, and what makes it easier is he is very well aware of my situation and does not bait me into playing more and watches what i do, checks before we leave i dont have any bank cards on me and only have money for 3 drinks and a small play, no cards just wallet cash and ID thats it... My mother is very well aware of the situation as well and checks in now and again, i screenshot my bank to show her my balance and that i havent withdrawn large amounts of cash and this is good, i explain to her if i buy anything big and she does not give a damn as long as its not gambling lol

    For some people this my be a bit too much privacy wise but its a safe option for me to check myself but the point im at now is pretty great where i dont get checked on as much now but felt like writing this post as more of a reflection to see where ive come from...

    So yes to update today im pretty much at that financial freedom point i wanted to be at.. Savings this week finally hit the $10,000 Balance point, Emergency Fund account with $500 and Everyday account has around $2700 in it! This is achievable for people here! It's all about buckling down and saving every penny! I know lots are in more debt than i was and i still have my personal loan from gambling since i had to consolidate a loan plus a credit card but this is paid every week x2 the minimum amount! I actually started off by saving $50 a week and hammering 90% of my pay into bills, was so hard the first like 3 months because it just felt like i may as well just gamble this money but once balances on bills starting dropping quickly and going into credit and getting them like 3 weeks a head etc saving became easier, i went from $50 a week into $75 then slowly to $100 and now i do around $220 every week into savings, some weeks there i poured so much into bills, i could actually save my entire pay into savings, which lead me to hit $12000 pretty quickly...

    I found finding things to do made not gambling easier, my favorite is just binge Netflix series and PC/Console Gaming.

    My PM's are open if anyone ever wants to chat about Pokie addicition or wants any help with anything, keen to always chat about it, i feel the more you constantly chat to people about it the easier it makes it, you feel like you're in a community and you dont want to let that community down!
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    Re: 9 months later

    Thu Aug 29, 2019 9:24 am

    Wow, @@shaun1 ! Sounds like you really managed to turn things around. Thanks so much for sharing your story - very inspiring for other members! :)

    - Ducky89
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    Re: 9 months later

    Thu Sep 05, 2019 1:07 am

    Hi Shaun1

    Well done to you, reading your story was so inspiring and its what I am trying to do, I am putting away $100 a week so just hoping for in a year to have $5,000 grand that's my goal. Totally blown away with what you achieved, so well done and thanks for sharing.

    Cheers - L
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