It's time to stop

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It's time to stop

Postby LocalLad » Thu Jun 28, 2018 10:03 pm

Hi all, I'm new here. After reading several posts it appears my story is similar to many others, with my issue being the damn pokies.

I'm fortunate enough to have not hit rock bottom yet. My rent and bills are always paid, I still have cash in the bank but this problem has been growing month on month and my biggest fear is letting it get out of hand. It's sadly become no big deal for me to feed $500 into the pokies in one sitting. I find myself ducking to the casino or bar on my lunch break and walking out feeling rotten. There have been a few really nice wins among the losses but the rest of the time is simply spent chasing that little rush. The thing that really disappoints me is I know I'm smarter than this.

My motivation for posting here is because I want to avoid the person I'm becoming. I haven't lied to my partner about this addiction but I have kept it entirely to myself. I plan to use this as a diary of sorts and update it with my progress. Any thoughts or experiences shared would be appreciated, and thanks for reading.
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