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  • Share your recovery stories and help others

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    Share your recovery stories and help others

    Fri Jun 21, 2013 4:16 pm

    Hi friends,I just wanted to share with you this little bit of research that the organisation operating the Gambling Helpline and Gambling Help Online is conducting.We're looking to collect some of your stories of recovery, which we will collate and make available (anonymously, of course) to other people struggling with addiction or dependency. Hopefully this will help them in their own journeys of recovery.If you'd like to help us out with this really worthwhile endeavour, all you have to do is fill out the few questions below, copy into an email and send back to me at brionym@turningpoint.org.auLooking forward to hearing from you guys Bri

    First name ___________________ Firstinitial of your surname ______Age: ___________years Currentoccupation _____________________Postcode ____________Briefly describe your using history:What caused you to stop your substance use?What factors have helped you to stay inrecovery?What does recovery mean for you?What is your life like now?If you would be interested in participatingeither in further research or as a consumer voice, please indicate below:Consumer voice ?Recovery research ?Please add your email address so we can contact you:______________
    Here's some more information:The aim of the Turning Point Recovery Page is to create a virtual hub for recovery stories and experiences that will offer hope and inspiration to others who are starting their recovery journeys.Our aim will be to collect 100 recovery stories by September 2013to enable us to have an official launch of the stories.<b style="font
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