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Re: Handling Spring

Posted: Sun Mar 17, 2019 11:20 am
by How the F did I get here
Well done!! That is amazing, good on you for pushing on.
Like I've said before these tales of success give me great inspiration and motivation to keep kicking on myself.
Thank you, all the best keep it up.

Re: Handling Spring

Posted: Sun Mar 24, 2019 9:51 pm
The best thing you can do is tell yourself that there is actually no joy to the horse racing. Because there is none.

Is losing fun? Is retaining a minor percentage of one's investment any fun? Is the 'thrill' really worth it on your physical and mental health?
I am not medical expert, but surely everything is not fine inside my body when I am screaming and yelling at the screen in hope of winning, and praying I don't lose.

Then think about what one actually does after that 'thrill' of a big win. We blow it on a lavish night out of drinks and foods. We volunteer or are expected to shout the mates (which while gives everybody a temporary joy over the kindness, just erodes the bank account further). We may think we are doing the right thing in investing in something for the kids or the house with our winnings, but if we didn't gamble, we would have easily afforded that item to begin with. Worse case is, we end up blowing it all and losing.

This post is not designed to sound harsh or rude or condescending. In a way, I am also writing this to myself because I know my past and I am no angel. I have to remind myself that the glamour of horse racing is false. There are real injuries to jockeys and horses. There are real corruption cases that stack the odds even further against punters. There are smug and greedy bookmakers who only say 'bet responsibly' to sit on the fence so far as the law goes because they only want your money. There are real instances where not even the best analysis or algorithm could have predicted the winners, and hence you lose big.