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January 2020 community wrap up

Posted: Fri Jan 31, 2020 2:16 pm
by BrittV (facilitator)
What a fantastic, busy month in our corner of the internet! Starting 2020 with a bang. A couple of highlights and wrap ups...

Inspirational posts
These posts are likely to fill you with hope, warm & fuzzies, and bring a smile. Welcome new members
For many of you coming here is a first step on your way to a new you! Congratulations on taking this step :o :o
There are many amazing people here to help, feel welcome to ask questions, share how you’re doing, and just give us updates! To get the most out of the community, we recommend starting your own topic if you haven't already - it makes it easiest for others to provide support and answer your questions.
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We think you should see this Around the community
  • We've been setting goals to take on the year. What's your goal this year?
  • Chatty Tuesdays have been colourful this month - covering everything from getting through tough days, to climate change, to funny videos (speaking of which, have you seen the new Feel good thread – share something to make eachother smile!). Join us Tuesdays 6-9pm ADST for a chat with forum friends
  • Please congratulate @JC who passed 250 days GF! and
  • @LOSER1973 who just blinked and passed 100 days GF!
Have a great month everyone. I totally resonate with @How the F did I get here's quote -
"So amazing seeing people smashing it and remaining gamble free. Especially when you become familiar with members and feel like you've been on a journey with them"

BrittV & the GHO team