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November community update!

Posted: Fri Dec 06, 2019 1:08 pm
by BrittV (facilitator)
Hey All!

Happy December! Time flies!

Firstly, apologies that we went without an update in October – I was on a lovely trip to Tasmania :o. Shout out to our tassie members - it's very beautiful down there!!

Welcome new contributors –
Firstly a very warm welcome to our new posters. Thank you for sharing your stories, it takes a lot of courage. We hope our community is helpful to you and look forward to your updates. There are certainly a lot of you at the moment - a greater time than any to connect with one another, share support and encourage one another.
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Ways to get involved –
  • Chatty Tuesdays – every Tuesday evening we’re coming online to connect about our weeks. Coming on around the same time helps with the flow of discussion.
    Next week (10th) we will be trialling a theme – “Finance tips at Christmas time” and on the 17th we will be chatting about maintaining motivation. Everyone’s welcome!
  • Someone shown you some great support? Give them a shout out to say thanks!
  • It’s OK to laugh at ourselves sometimes. Check out Funny/cringeworthy gambling stories!
Quote –
A lovely inspiring quote this month came from new member @Guardian
"I hear you’re pain but I found what worked for me was not worrying about what I lost in time or money but what I have left to build on.
It’s like the ship went down with my belongings and I have the clothes on my back to start again to be rescued
Look ahead don’t look back"

Something not seem right?
Our team is here everyday, but if you see something you want to bring to our attention, you can always do so by reporting it.
On a mobile:
  • On the post, press the area above the Thumbs up botton.
  • From the drop-down menu, select ‘report this post’(exclamation mark icon)
  • You can leave the information section blank or complete it as you wish.
  • Submit.
On computer & others:
  • On the post, select the area beside the post title
  • Select ‘report this post’ (exclamation mark icon)
  • You can leave the information section blank or complete it as you wish.
  • Submit.

Have a great month!