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August community update!

Posted: Mon Sep 02, 2019 10:17 am
by BrittV (facilitator)
Hey All!

Welcome to this wrap up of what’s been going on in the community in August, & things coming up. Lots of exciting things going on around that I’m looking forward to sharing together.

Welcome new contributors -
As always – a big shout out to our new contributors. It can take a lot of courage to seek support & share your story, so be proud of yourself taking this step.
@needing help, @Arrow, @Smile_again, @Lostboi, @pieceandlife, @User 5d501eda1a9af, @jen2019, @AussiePear, @Mak888, @Jarrad g, @jax, @NicTheDude, @Hooper, @FrankieNEWY, @Kayla71, @Bianca101. @Its4them
You might find it helpful to set up email notifications for knowing when people reply to your posts, to avoid missing out on any of the support, advice and information. You can find instructions in the How to thread.

In & around the community -
  • Shout out to @JC for hitting his milestone of 100 days. JC you’re always a really great support for others in here, congrats on making your goal, really amazing work & we look forward to hearing about the next steps for you. Please join me in congratulating him in his My last Last Day One thread.
  • And check out @shaun1's story 9 months down the track here.
  • Private message function was turned off for everyone’s safety. Check out the info thread as well as instructions to get in private communication with the team.
September at GamblingHelpOnline - And a lovely motivational quote to end us on once again comes from the wonderful @JinxyWolf ..
“We all know the shame you are feeling, but please know that this shame doesn’t have to define your future. Things will get better, when you can be honest with yourself and those you love”

Happy Spring everyone!
Take care and see you in the Sunlight September challenge.