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  • March Update

    A place for our whole Gambling Help Online community to connect. Includes special forum events, monthly rundowns and a place to chat with forum friends.
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    March Update

    Mon Apr 01, 2019 10:49 am

    Hi all and welcome to this month’s rundown!

    Welcome to April! This marks a quarter of a way into the year! This month's updates -

    Welcome to our newest contributors!
    Reaching out, recognising you need to change, and sharing your story is a brave first step in your journey. Welcome to the following new members! ….
    @ajohn, @D3bbi3, @iorek65, @Drav1234, @Sam11, @Elizabeth-Jane, @Baz113, @Purplepoppy989, @Nomorechances, @JAPAZ, @Hugo, @User 58e3730e58708, @Iamready, @unitjohnson, @Power0305, @Samantha,

    Popular new threads –
    You may like to check out or jump into a couple of new threads this month: In case you missed it, new blogs: Congratulations!
    This month we celebrated the success of these amazing members achieving impressive personal milestones.
    Congrats to @Cil (see their thread here) and @StopPunt (thread here) for reaching 2 years gamble-free, and @Mongoose (thread here) for smashing 6 months! And thank you for sharing these, bringing motivation!

    Did you know!
    We know many of you come directly into these forums.
    But did you know we also have a number of other services on the Gambling Help Online website that you might find helpful? Check out these other supports today -
    - Lots of information to help you understand problems relating to gambling, including managing urges, what the odds are, and its impacts on health.
    - Motivational SMS service
    - A quick and easy self-assessment tool
    - A gambling calculator
    - Self-help modules

    Have a great April!

    BrittV and the team at Gambling Help Online
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    Sadly, it's my last week as Community Manager. Wishing everyone all the best!

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