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February Update

Posted: Wed Feb 27, 2019 9:42 am
by BrittV (facilitator)
Hi all, and welcome to February's run down!

Welcome to our new contributors. Well done on your bravery in coming here, sharing your story and taking steps forward.
@A new start, @Matt1503, @MrsMum, @TMarsh, @Acor6425, @friends2004, @Domino8, @Cam_aro888, @Slade92, @Unknown1, @AnonymousGA1, @Mt70

Working together to list helpful strategies
Share your tips to help others! Join the community in creating a list of tried-and-tested strategiesfor moving past problems relating to gambling. Use your experience to contribute to this helpful resource.

Popular new threads - Milestones -
We don't always celebrate milestones, as we all have our own goals and things to be proud of.
However this month we feel it's worth celebrating two members that have hit two years gamble free, and continue to come on and inspire!! Congratulations :D Tip: How to set up email notifications when someone replies to your post
Did you know you can set up an email notification for replies to your posts?
The quick and easy process is:
  • Click your username (top, right), and select 'User Control Panel' from the drop-down menu.
  • Select 'Board preferences' from the horizontal tabs list
  • Select 'Edit notification options' from the vertical tabs list on the left
  • Under 'Email', tick the boxes of any notification types you would like sent to you.
In case you missed it -
  • Maria Turnbull financial counsellor answers, in a thread and blog. Find this helpful? Please give it a like so we know whether you'd like more like this in the future.
Have a great month, take care!
BrittV and the GHO team!