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December Update

Posted: Wed Jan 02, 2019 5:28 pm
by BrittV (facilitator)
Hi all,

Happy 2019! and welcome to the rundown for December, 2018.

December was a big time in our community, with a major software upgrade and the holiday season.

Firstly, welcome to our new contributors, @hajae, @clearthatmind, @Michael75, @New Beginnings 2019, @Hedwig, @Jperichon89, @Geebee, @Fozz, @Tigers05, @auntielove, @liont, @Greycar90, @Change4better, @Murphy.
Be proud of yourself for taking the steps to making and maintaining change in your gambling, we hope that you find lots of helpful support and understanding here.

Software upgrade
Our major software upgrade mid-December was a major success. Thanks everyone for your patience both in the tech glitches we had before it, and the day that we were offline while we switched. We hope the changes have made things as easy as possible for everyone to use the forums. If you have any issues or feedback please comment below:o .

Holiday season & resolutions
While the Christmas period can be a really lovely time, it can also be a really tough time for others. Well done to everyone for showing so much amazing support and kindness in our community during this time.
Now is a great time to work on those new year’s resolutions. Some great tips are available in the latest blog post, to help you strengthen and protect yourself.
The following are some resolutions threads A beautiful quote by @Pea pod to finish off!
"2019 I welcome you and today starts a new journey of freedom. Good luck everyone"

Take care all :)