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  • Worst self-exclusion experience re-edited

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    Worst self-exclusion experience re-edited

    Fri Oct 11, 2019 10:56 am

    Hi there. I'd just like to share my self-exclusion experience with a manager at one of the main gambling venues (emphasis on “main”) in Cairns and invite some suggestions and tips on how to complain about this service I received yesterday.
    After blowing lots of money on the pokies in my last two outings at this venue, I thought enough is enough. I have to ban myself from this place (I know many here have had these thoughts and have done this which is great) and I've done this self-exclusion individually at two other places here in Cairns. The previous two self-exclusions were welcoming, friendly, respectful and professionally done I must say. I wish I could say the same with this particular venue and manager.
    First of all, I had to ask around for the manager and spell out what I needed him/her for. The staff were ill-equipped and didn't know who to call for. One staff member said I needed to talk with Security. I said "no" I want to talk with the duty manager or shift manager. Fair dinkum, it was like they had to reach into their manuals because none of them knew what to do and never heard of anyone coming in and doing a self-exclusion before. Anyway, they finally got the manager and boy, this is when the attitude came in. This particular manager spoke to me as if I was getting in the way of his day and he was so disrespectful. Speaking to me like dirt. I asked him if he'd ever done any self-exclusion before and he replied: "of course I have". His manner and threatening attitude were unbelievable. On the way to his office (this was after he kept my wife and I waiting for about 20 minutes after taking my licence for ID) he said "why don't you people just stay away" You can imagine after that I just wanted to sign the papers and get out of there real quick. The culture of this place or just this manager needs to change. I just wanted to make the right decision to come in and self-exclude myself and this guy was making it so hard. We very nearly came to blows. The self-exclusion process should be a welcoming environment. Not a threatening stand over experience.
    I would welcome any suggestions or tips on how to constructively complain about this awful experience

    My original post was taken down because I named the gambling venue. (I expressed that I am not happy with the admins doing that) I have just replaced the name with “one of the main gambling venues”
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    Re: Worst self-exclusion experience re-edited

    Tue Oct 15, 2019 9:42 am

    Hi @clearthatmind,
    It sounds like an awful experience, but good on you for sticking with it and setting up the exclusion for your own benefit despite all the deterrents.

    Below I have put the link to make an official complaint of the venue, but also your local gamblers help service might have other suggestions or resources for making complaints.
    https://www.business.qld.gov.au/industr ... nts-venues

    I look forward to hearing more from your journey.
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