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Re: Day 0 but feeling determined

Posted: Wed May 05, 2021 11:24 pm
by Menz199
Day 5 doing ok, thanks @Lovely Cat Lady :);
Today was a bit better but was a bit of a struggle to get out of bed this morning. But the day did get better after that.
Now about yesterday, I made a few big errors at work yesterday and got really frustrated with myself. I very quickly became a bit depressed. I decided I had had enough for that day and headed home. I rang a friend and had a short but good conversation. When I got home I had a lie down for about an hour and half, then decided a bath would help, which it did. I always find baths very relaxing, and good stress relievers. I was thinking about going out earlier and potentially gambling and after the day I had had at work it was given a violent shove to yes, but didn't. Otherwise today work was better and tomorrow should be a great day. Better be off to bed as its getting late as per usual. I should write these entries in earlier but always get distracted by other things at home but still happy that I write something each day.

Day 5/100 - Every day's a battle but not giving up this fight :D

Re: Day 0 but feeling determined

Posted: Thu May 06, 2021 9:55 am
by Calvin (facilitator)
Hi @Menz199
It takes great strength sometimes to fight off those temptations or urges! What an amazing job you have done! :D
I'm glad that you have found different ways to help ease feelings of stress without having to resort to gambling.
It sounds like you already have a different routine on how to respond to feelings of stress, sadness etc.

Keep up the amazing work! :D

Re: Day 0 but feeling determined

Posted: Thu May 06, 2021 11:27 pm
by Menz199
Thanks @Calvin (facilitator)
I'd like to think I've gained a lot of experience in 'surfing the urge' still needs a bit of work in that area but think I can avoid gambling in most situations now. But the longer we abstain from the pokies the easier it becomes to say no.

Day 6 whoa can't believe how fast a week can go by. (Not quite a week but close enough) Another struggle to get out of bed and another late start to work, but as the day went on it progressively got better. I did go out to a pub with friends for dinner but made sure to take limited funds and did my best not to think about the pokies. Had a good outing and as soon as dinner was finished I made sure to go home straight away and not linger. I do admit I was a little tempted, but did my best to block out the thoughts as much as possible. Anyway made it through another day ok, was thrown into a slightly tricky situation (unfortunately not my choice) but couldn't say no as don't get much opportunity to see friends much. Just got to stay focused on the end goal.

Day off work tomorrow and have a few things to do tomorrow so should be good. My main triggers are days off, mainly because I normally don't have much to do so slowly my mind wanders where it shouldn't but tomorrow should be good.

Day 6/100 -nearly a week I can normally make it this far, but lets continue to fight and go slowly towards double digits. :);

Re: Day 0 but feeling determined

Posted: Thu May 06, 2021 11:28 pm
by Menz199
Thanks for your ongoing supports Moderators, I appreciate it :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Re: Day 0 but feeling determined

Posted: Fri May 07, 2021 10:38 pm
by Menz199
Day 7 one week, woohoo
Today was a good day, got some errands done then gone away to see family, so all around an excellent day, best I’ve felt all week honestly.

Not much else to say, so this will be short

Day 7/100 feeling great, but still a long way to go.

Re: Day 0 but feeling determined

Posted: Sat May 08, 2021 12:09 pm
by Printemps
heya @Menz199 !

CONGRATS! One week is a great achievement!

I'm so happy to hear you had a great day yesterday, and I hope you're having a nice time with family!

let us know how you go over the weekend!

Re: Day 0 but feeling determined

Posted: Sun May 09, 2021 11:10 pm
by Menz199
Hi @Printemps thanks, I had a great weekend. Came back today and back to work tomorrow, going to be a bit more positive about work this week, can't make any promises though. Will try my best though.

Day 9/100 not entirely happy that I missed a day posting on here but still going strong.
1 day from double digits :D lets keep this good fight going :D

Re: Day 0 but feeling determined

Posted: Mon May 10, 2021 11:14 am
by Lovely Cat Lady
Hi @Menz199,

I'm glad to hear you had a good weekend. :cool:

It's your Day 10/100 today. Congratulations on reaching double digits!

Hope you're having a better start of the week at work. :);

Re: Day 0 but feeling determined

Posted: Mon May 10, 2021 10:46 pm
by Menz199
Day 10/100 Double digits feeling great :D
Today was a great day, got up early and had a proper breakfast this time, something I was skipping last week, because I was tired and kept taking the lazy option (buying fast food). Had a great day at work and this afternoon am slowly starting to get my finances back in order. I do have a lot of debt but am, going to take things slowly and try and pay things off one by one. But I have set up a direct debit so some money will get transferred each week so I can slowly build up some savings and maybe treat myself to something nice every once in a while.

Re: Day 0 but feeling determined

Posted: Tue May 11, 2021 5:26 pm
by Lovely Cat Lady
Hi @Menz199,

Glad to hear work was better for you. :);

Good on you for making breakfast instead of going for the fast food. It's the little change in habits that build up to make a difference. And at least for me, I feel that having a nice breakfast at home is always the best way to start my day.

Starting to get your finances back in order sounds wonderful. Yes, paying one thing at a time might be the best way to go so it's not too overwhelming. And slowly building up savings, that's great! I bet you'll feel fantastic when you get to treat yourself as a reward every once in a while.

Very positive things going on for you, I'm really happy for you.

Also, today's your 11/100 Day, congrats! Keep up the good work! :cool: