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Re: I need my life back

Posted: Fri Mar 05, 2021 7:48 pm
by unitjohnson
Hi nolife, how are you going so far in 2021? It sounds like you're not as addicted as some people (like me) are. Because I always get around any restrictions I put on myself. If I left my wallet at home I would just get careless cash out, or think I've achieved something for a day but then "treat" myself the next day for leaving my wallet at home and then just withdraw some the next day. Nothing works for me. I always look for excuses to get around ways to stop myself from going. As long as the pokies are there I will always find a reason to go. The key is to be mentally strong, so that even if you have your wallet with access to cash, you just won't want to go. That's what I'm trying to achieve.