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  • Something has to change

    For those taking the 100 Day Challenge. Share your journey, seek support and track your progress here!
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    Something has to change

    Wed Aug 26, 2020 4:37 am

    Something has to change, and I’m hoping it will be this 100 day challenge that kicks it off. Gambling is slowly ruining my life, along with alcohol. People would look at me and think I was really successful and had it all, and yet in reality I’m only just holding on, lying, borrowing money, all to keep gambling. I could be in such a good financial position and yet I’ve gambled it all away. My family are really bad influences also. My parents took my to the club at 15/16 to play the pokies, and they still now are hugely addicted and have gambled away their lives. I can see the same happening to me. I need to stop drinking too, as alcohol only fuels my gambling. I’m so tired of being on the back foot, feeling ashamed and disgusted with myself. I need to remove myself from those things that encourage me to gamble; my parents and alcohol. I also need to manage my anxiety better. On reflection, I think anxiety plays a huge part in my gambling. It takes my mind off things when I feel stressed. But no more, because all that ends up happening is I feel more stressed because I spend all my money, or borrow money, and even if I win I just gamble it all away. I hate this and I need to change.
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    Re: Something has to change

    Wed Aug 26, 2020 5:12 pm

    Hi Something Has to change...you're right something has to change...you do!!!!! and only you have the power to make these changes. Recognising that you have a problem with gambling, how it makes you feel and what your triggers are a great way to start in relooking at your life and re-evaluating what you need to change in order to achieve sustainable change. It is hard when your main role models (parents) also gamble, research shows that children will more than likely gamble when their parents do, and you are also correct about the association between alcohol and gambling, again research shows that alcohol consumption increases with gambling behaviours and also will lead to anxiety, depression etc.........you have a lot going on. Have you considered seeking professional support services at all. You can see counsellors face to face, phone consults or telelinks?
    You mentioned that people see you and think you have it all...isn't it ironic that we can walk around and be going through very difficult times and no one has a clue. I feel that being honest with people and telling them that you are not doing so well and sharing with them about your issues can be very empowering and surprisingly makes many people more determined to actually do something about their issues. The longer you hide it from everyone and yourself the longer it will take for you to commence your journey of taking control back of your life. Simple things such as barring can help also. The 100 day challenge is a great idea but if you don't have the underlying issues addressed you may just go straight back to the gambling and drinking once the 100 days are over. We have all gambled due to underlying issues in this forum, in my case it was to get away from the daily stresses in my life, but the gambling just added to my existing issues x100....good luck and be strong. You are the master of you.
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    Re: Something has to change

    Thu Aug 27, 2020 4:45 pm

    Hi @1238675

    Good to hear you are starting the 100 day challenge, well done!

    what other steps have you put in place so far to help you through out this journey ?

    Let us know how you are travelling, we are here for support.
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