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Re: Jess' 100 Day Challenge

Posted: Wed Jul 08, 2020 10:22 pm
by Jess86
Hi all,
So I got to 13 months gamble free... And then I gambled :confused: :confused:
This was last week and I have gambled on 3 occasions since then. I had been having a really hard time in my personal life for about 6 weeks prior to giving in to these disgusting machines, I think for me it was the one place I could go and know that all other thoughts would leave my mind while I was there. I'm very disappointed in myself, to have come this far and just throw all that hard work away. Yesterday I picked up the phone and called my counselor, I need to stop this before I go into self destruct mode and end up back at square one...
Something I have realised lately is that I gamble when I feel bad about myself, then I feel bad about myself for gambling and the visious cycle continues.. I have always struggled to love myself and find my self worth and I think this plays a big part in why I do these things because a part of me believes I don't deserve a better life. As of now, I make a promise to myself to be honest about my set backs and seek help when I need it. There has to be more to life than throwing my money and self respect away.
Thanks for taking the time to follow me on this rollercoaster.

Re: Jess' 100 Day Challenge

Posted: Thu Jul 09, 2020 2:56 pm
by Hello3 [facilitator]
Hi @Jess86 thanks for reaching out and giving us an update.

It sounds like you are very self-aware and you recognise what some of your own triggers are.

This recognition and reflection is important in order to move forward. Allow yourself to feel and sit with those feelings but remember tomorrow is a new day and you can rebuild.

You've already taken steps in the right direction and good on you for contacting your counsellor for support.

I love that you've made a promise to be honest with yourself and to seek help when you need it.

What are some strategies or things you have in place to counteract those feelings when you feel like giving in?

You were able to achieve 13 months gamble free which is incredible. What are some things that worked for you then that you can do now?