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Removed post. Online Zoom gambling support worldwide

Posted: Thu Apr 08, 2021 5:37 pm
by clearthatmind
I just got a post removed for some bizarre reason. This is the reason "we weren’t able to keep that post live as we are not affiliated with any overseas programs/organisations" The post I put up was not about being part of a program/organisation. It was about being part of an online zoom support gambling group that has been set up by an individual in America that actually helps compulsive gamblers. I repeat, it is his private online group. Now, if anyone is interested and this post actually stays up (which it should but who knows) please email Jeffrey Wasserman at His conditions are this...."I will say our group is not for people who are looking to attend a random meeting. We want those who are willing to commit to regularly attend meetings and engage with other members in furtherance of mutual support". Now, mods, if you remove this post, you are not serious about helping problem gamblers and therefore this site is a joke