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Community Guidelines

Posted: Wed Dec 11, 2019 10:22 am
by BrittV (facilitator)
Hello All,

After many months I’m glad to say that our Community Guidelines are now live. These are the guidelines which will assist us to be the healthiest community we can be for as many people as possible.

Our community is full of great people, sharing connection and helping one another through gambling-related harm, as well as all the other curve balls life throws us. For the most part these discussions are amazingly beneficial and healthy. From time to time however we do have posts of concern which require some involvement by our fantastic facilitation team, for the safety of an individual, the community, or both.

Previously we have used our terms and conditions to guide this work, but they are mostly clunky and confusing, not giving you a clear understanding. So we have worked over a number of months to develop these into Community Guidelines.

What’s crucial to us is to be doing the best that we can do to make this community as welcoming as possible for as many people as possible, while also being respectful of the urges and triggers that many of our members are experiencing when they are here with us. As we all know, people experiencing gambling-related harm can be experiencing poor mental health, as well as combating urges and triggers.

It was important to us that we got this as right as we could. In developing these guidelines we asked both you, as our community members for which these guidelines are for, and gambling clinicians, for ideas and feedback. A big theme which came out of these is that hearing details about gambling behaviour triggers urges for some, and so they are likely to avoid our community when they were coming here for support. We are happy with the result and are so grateful for everyone who assisted the process.

We understand that these are new and it may take a little getting used to. We want all your posts to be live! If there is concern with the contents of your post, we will get in touch with you via private message as soon as possible and assist you to reframe to be within these guidelines and repost your content.

We hope that these are a welcome framework for you, and that these assist as our community continues to grow. We welcome feedback below, or by sending a private message to the facilitator team account called The Team.