It's a frightening addiction

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It's a frightening addiction

Postby Ami » Fri Feb 05, 2016 9:19 pm

Today I joined this forum today and shared my story.
Then I got an awful text from my bf who is an addict and has been for a long time. He was saying goodbye. That he needed to be free and this (suicide) was the only way.
Thank god I managed to get him to come home and talked to him. I think I managed to save him today. And I'm terrified about tomorrow and the days to come. He has hit rock bottom basically. He fights it every day but today after losing his pay and then some, hearing and seeing the pain in my eyes, he thought ending his life would be easier for us all. Breaks my heart that me being here for him isn't enough. A house, a furbaby, a full time job?
I wish the future was bright but I'm afraid after today's near miss and him making that decision today will mean he will make it again.

I'm scared
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