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    Is someone you care about experiencing issues with gambling? Come in here to discuss your concerns, connect, and get some helpful tips.
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    Fri Apr 03, 2015 10:44 pm

    My husband is a gambler. I always knew he gambled but never to this extent. He is trying to do the 100 day challenge, seeing a psycologist, counselling but he still gambles which I understand regressions happen but I feel at times he isn't trying. And again only at times. Then he becomes angry and take it out on me( he is never physical or takes it out on the kids) but I've had enough. I'm willing to stay and do whatever I can and we have measures in place, but he knows when he gets verbally nasty it gets to me and brings me down and then I give in and give him money. Tonight I left to go to mums because I couldn't take it. It's been a struggle since we were married and it's all been behind my back. I want to help him but I can't take it anymore and it's become too much. He dosnt have any other positive help. Just me. But he takes it for granted. What can I do? If I stay and he continues this way I will be emotionally tore appart as its so unhealthy and breaks me down, but I don't want to walk away and leave him alone to fight this. I know he isn't apprecaiting what I do for him and my support but I guess my love for him keeps me by his side. It's so difficult and I knownincant help him unless he helps himself. I'm so lost and I feel alone i this. I'm at the end of my rope emotionally and I feel like I have no options but to walk away. Please can anyone give me advice? How can I help him with his anger which is mainly at himself but at time things that are so trivial.? I understand regressions Happen I have been through many month of psychology with other issues he has had, but I feel there is a difference between a regression and spite.
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    DJ19 [facilitator]
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    Re: Help

    Sun Apr 05, 2015 10:32 am

    Hi Jo,

    It takes a lot to be able to support someone when it feels like they are not appreciating that you are there for them. I here that in the way you say you are lost. I wander what you have been doing to manage to be there for this long; I wander what has made you strong and made you be able to smile at the times of adversity. You stated that he is getting support, are you aware that you can also get support for yourself and more importantly you can both see someone who may be able to work on what happens between you. I guess it depends upon what you want to do.

    Keep coming back to this forum as it is here for everyone who needs support.

    Stay strong for yourself!!

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