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  • Husband

    Is someone you care about experiencing issues with gambling? Come in here to discuss your concerns, connect, and get some helpful tips.
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    Sun Jun 10, 2018 8:14 pm

    We have just noticed a lot of sports bet deductions on our statement and a lot of them where just after he had a serious motorbike accident and was in hospital. The first one being the day after his accident and he was so out of it from all the pain killers we both thought it was impossible and something is wrong with his account. Because what made it more unbelievable was that on the day after his accident I had something very distressing happen and when I phoned him so distraught he wasn't able to offer the tiniest ounce of support and I thought at how bad it was the state he was in would not stop him from showing concern in such a distressing event. Anyway after things settled I accepted the fact he was too out of it and let it go. But now these betting transactions are showing him placing At least 20 bets for over an hour and a half which was around the time I rang so I'm left questioning now how he could muster up his attention for placing so many bets for so long yet could not offer his extremely distresssd wife a tiny bit of comfort or show any concern
    It's quite distressing
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    Calvin (facilitator)
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    Re: Husband

    Tue Jun 12, 2018 11:59 am

    Hi Leabron,

    I'm Calvin, one of the facilitators here on gamblers help online.
    Sorry to hear that both you and your husband had to experience such distressing events, I would imagine this to be quite difficult for the both of you.

    Many people gamble for many different reasons, some of these reasons include, stress relief, boredom, to create excitement/adrenaline and as a coping mechanism. Given that your husband has experienced such a traumatic event there could be many reasons as to why he would turn to gambling.
    I could imagine this being stressful for you and for your relationship considering that you feel he hasn't been offering you support.
    I would suggest you and/or your husband give us a call on gamblers helpline for some counselling and referral if you feel its needed. However he does need to get to the point of acknowledging this as a problem for himself. Gamblers Helpline can be contacted on 1800 858 858.

    Good on you for reaching out to the forums,
    Take care,

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