How to use this forum

This forum is designed for you to chart your progress in working to overcome your gambling concerns and your ongoing recovery. Take us all on your road to recovery!

How to use this forum

Postby BriM » Fri Mar 01, 2013 9:43 am

Welcome to your Gambling Help Online Community Forum.

This is a space for anyone affected by problem gambling, whether you’re someone who gambles, a concerned family member or friend, a colleague or a health professional.

On the Forum, you can connect with others, share your stories, setbacks and strategies for change, access information, discuss hot topics and see the latest in gambling research.

The Forum is facilitated by counsellors, though we prefer to take a back seat in conversation; we want this to be a space where you find support in your peers. Regardless of this, feel free to bounce ideas off us, ask us questions, or even private message us if you have a concern. We’re here to support you!

Please bear in mind though that facilitators are on rotating shifts, so sometimes might not be able to respond straight away. We will always respond within a period of time (usually 48 hours), but if you're looking for an immediate response, you can always click here to access our online counselling service.

How do I get started?
If you would like to contribute to conversations by posting on the forum, you will need to click here to register your details to become a member. All you need to do is read and accept the Terms and Conditions, choose a nickname which will appear on the forum, type in your email address which will remain confidential, and choose a password. We do ask you to answer a few questions about yourself, but rest assured this is only so we can better tailor our service to your needs.

It’s that easy.

Next, you might like to set up your account. You could choose an ‘avatar’ if you like. An avatar is a picture that represents you (but doesn’t have to be a picture of you!). Avatars foster connection by helping other users recognise and keep track of your posts. They just make things a little more personal. Go to User Control Panel > Profile > Edit Avatar > Upload image.

If you like, you can also fill in details like your date of birth and interests at User Control Panel > Profile > Edit Profile. You can also create a personal signature which will be automatically generated beneath each of your posts at User Control Panel > Profile > Edit Signature.

Always be wary of giving out your personal contact details online. All details you provide upon registration are confidential and not shared with anyone.
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