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Re: Gambling affects more then you think

Posted: Thu Nov 27, 2014 3:35 pm
by Richard6
Yes i am looking forward to it as I really want to work on getting better.
Just frustrating waiting for my health coverage to be updated.

As I would be there if there was no waiting period for psychiatric services.

Re: Gambling affects more then you think

Posted: Sun Nov 30, 2014 5:00 pm
by AnnaB (facilitator)
Hi Richard,
Great to see you connecting here and as Noah highlighted reaching out for support and holding on to hope even when times are really tough. Hang in there and just to check in are already working on getting better by hang'in here :D

Re: Gambling affects more then you think

Posted: Tue Dec 02, 2014 3:06 pm
by Richard6
Yep I am going to get better.
I am going to do it for myself and family / friends.

So hard when you say to yourself there is no way that you are going to gamble then end up gambling.
It is so easy to convince myself to do something that I should not be doing....

Anyway I will continue to try and work on myself to improve :).

Re: Gambling affects more then you think

Posted: Mon Dec 08, 2014 3:54 pm
by Richard6
I think the reason why I cannot give up gambling is because I have had so much positive reinforcement.
There has been plenty of times where I have been way ahead and the high from winning was amazing.

Being able to go with the TAB with the winning ticket then cashing in the ticket then seeing the money counted for you was amazing.
The winning streak has been gone for a long time. Whatever I touch does not win so my financial situation gets worse each bet I place.

Now I am going strain family relations again as I have dipped into my assets again to pay back debt owed to the bank. If I continue the way I am there will be nothing left. Probably in the last 4 years $70,000 is missing from sale of assets.

It is so sad but I cannot stop. So much help has been giving to me but I still have this sick feeling telling me just for today I can get ahead.

- Today I will reduce my ATM limit from $2000 down to $200 which is the minimum
- Only have enough money in my wallet that I need for the day

So angery with myself as I have lost $5500 in the last few days.
Most of the money lost is from chasing previous losses.

Re: Gambling affects more then you think

Posted: Mon Dec 08, 2014 9:44 pm
by Dave68
I can see where you're coming from Richard, because i see the winning side of things (or at least i can say i did see the winning side of things) when i was gambling regularly in my pokie incarnation.

I'd often go into a venue after playing bowling and i'd play the panda game there, and sometimes of course this other regular player would be on it (having got on it before i got there). She would just about have her own personal bell-boy there writing winning handpay after handpay, while i would play a machine near there (i tended to only play the 1-cent ones), and despite my fairly pissy small 40c bets, i would still often lose over $100 while she would regularly spin up features and walls of winning symbols.

Now, of course i don't know what she would do when i wasn't there, but i know that if you won as regularly as i saw her do that (mind you that was only a weekly visit in my case), then it probably would be much harder to give that up. In your case, you have had big wins on the TAB and on pokies, and i will admit it is a buzz, a massive buzz and very exciting. Getting a collect is heavenly really.....But for me, the winnings dried up so much, and the regularity of the losses became so enervating, soul-destroying and so futile, i just made the decision to say enough was enough. I had enough of watching others win....Maybe they lose at the times i wasn't at the venues, but i was so sick and tired of seeing neighboring machines do it all while mine sat there like a reverse ATM. Here i was, feeding a stupid machine my money, and not even enjoying playing. By bemoaning my lack of luck, i took such a long time to realise the luck was my choice. Why play it at all? I wasn't winning, i had not won anything of significance for years...why bother?!

Maybe if you've had a similar run of outs, maybe you just have to ask yourself why feed those may be harder to ask yourself why bet at the TAB< as that does entail a touch more skill or reading of form, but with machines in particular, they don't change. They didn't for me, and thus i made the change by stopping playing them. I'll admit, i still watch the odd youtube video of successful wins, but then again we never know how long they've played before getting such a win. And in any case with me....i don't have the talent to achieve wins anyway. 15 years, after a couple of $1000 wins in the first 2-3 years, they dried up to the extent i never once had a cheque collect (one of the most irrelevant rules i have come across) as i never came within a bulls roar of a $1000 win. But i'd have numerous losses of several hundred..and all for nought. Enough i said, and tomorrow marks 8 months pokie free.

Hopefully you can just see that it's just no good in the end. Wins can come, but losses always follow. The only winners are the venues, the licence owners of the machines, and the government. Not us, indeed without them, we'd be much better off all round.

Re: Gambling affects more then you think

Posted: Tue Dec 09, 2014 10:37 am
by Richard6
Yes I have made massive wins.
Some days I would turn $1000 into $6000. I keep on trying as I really need the cash and love the excitement of getting a big win.

Now the same thing has happened to me.
All the wins have now dried up and now get nothing from the pokies or TAB.

Still I go back hopeful again that I can turn $1000 into $6000 but never happens at the moment.
I just end up selling my shares then paying off the debt each time

What touched me last night which will make me stop for sure. My Dad just said to me he wants his son back who was happy and cheeky all the time.

So perhaps I should do that and give my Dad back his son that he loves.

Re: Gambling affects more then you think

Posted: Sat Dec 13, 2014 8:10 am
by Dave68
Funny situation with me this morning, but again it's amazing how i have been able to wire my brain to now reflect everyday things into my gambling history and spending in times gone past.

I found a nice clean $50 note while doing my morning deliveries.....Whoo-Hoo! Only the second time i've found a $50 in my life. Immediately i think back to my pokie experiences over the years....i probably dispensed maybe FOUR THOUSAND $50 notes worth into the stupid machines over my 15 years. Easily i'd say, and maybe more.

Doesn't that put gambling into context. BY contrast, if you actually LOSE $50 from your wallet or purse, it's a real shock, you wrack your brain thinking where did it go, what could i have done with it, can i retrace my steps...Your brain goes into overdrive. But in a pokie situation, we effectively 'lose' our money and do it passively and almost without thought or emotion. The pokies do that to your brain, and it's astonishing how effective it is in doing that.

That's just my thoughts anyway, but i'm still on the wagon, probably by now getting to about 245 days or so, since April 9th.

Re: Gambling affects more then you think

Posted: Tue Dec 16, 2014 8:33 am
by Richard6
I am always churned up scared what will happen next.
I'm wanting to fly away again today as I know I will have to face the music at home as the dividend statements have arrived.

It will show that I have sold more of my shares which is heartbreaking for the family. I am fighting the urge to take off somewhere for a few days which I have done before to escape which worried everyone to death at home.

Just have to be realistic with myself. If I do take off again today it will cost $500 - $1000 worth of savings again. Only having to deal with it again when I get home....

At least I have not gambled since last Thursday and hopefully for ever. It makes me sick looking at my investor profile as it has shrunk by 20% in the last year or so due to uncontrollably gambling.

Re: Gambling affects more then you think

Posted: Wed Dec 17, 2014 8:42 am
by Richard6
Still good at the moment.
Have not gambled since last Thursday, so I am up to 6 days which is quite good.

Re: Gambling affects more then you think

Posted: Wed Dec 17, 2014 4:14 pm
by Richard6
6 days and still no relapse which is very exciting.
I believe that it is due to me starting on antidepressants that improve my mood.

The first two days I was really sick but stuck with them then a transformation happened.
Went from a person who was panicking all the time to a much more happier person.

In the new year I am starting the rehab program at the local hospital which will give me time to work on myself further.