Try writing a list

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RE: Try writing a list

Postby Noah (facilitator) » Tue Sep 23, 2014 7:56 pm

Hey Richie,

Good idea and it sounds like it's working well for you.

Keen to hear if others have their own list to share??

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Noah (facilitator)
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Try writing a list

Postby Richie » Sun Sep 21, 2014 10:09 pm

Something that might be helpful to some people out there is to jot down a short negative and positive list on reasons not to gamble and keep it on you at all times. I have started to do this. On the negative list it maybe 1. Can't save money. 2. Has a negative impact on my work. Makes me grumpy with others. 3. Makes me depressed. 4. Makes me angry. 5. Affects my health. 6. Gets me back to square one. 7. It's like I am paying to go to work. On the positive side it maybe 1. Good for savings (thousands) 2. Feel a lot happier. 3. Feel much more free in my mind. 4. Enjoy work more. 5. I am happy with myself and around others. 6. My health is better. The list is just an aid to help to reinforce to the brain cause and effect. Because I find with gambling I just don't think beyond the time that I gamble but hopefully this list will help me to do that and stop me in my tracks. I hope others find it useful.
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