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Overcoming the Painful Desires and Beliefs That Feed Addiction

What are some strategies when trying to quit or cut down? What works for you?
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RE: Overcoming the Painful Desires and Beliefs That Feed Addiction

Sat Jun 14, 2014 11:14 pm

David2, probably right on the money there. It's crazy when you think about it. I mean i reflect back to that time i spent $413 over a three hour period, betting just 50c a spin, sometimes less. I kept feeding the 50's in, and that time even went out of the venue, to the ATM to get more cash and put it back in, because you have this feeling that 'it has to pay out'. But by the time you're down a few hundred, even if you get a good win, you're probably not going to get back anything like what you put in. Even the psychology of walking to the bank ATM three times to avoid the $2.50 venue fee....and yet you proceed to lose the $400+, is just so irrational. And when you think to yourself after you forlornly go home you wonder what makes you do that.

I can honestly say, in 15 years of playing pokies, i never once got the five wild symbols on a payline. Not once, in what must be millions and millions of spin events. Twice i got 5 scatters on the Dolphin treasure, which is a 400-1 shot. Twice in how many millions of spins? And all for the chance of winning at best a couple of thousand? The occasional win of a few hundred keeps luring you back, but gee whiz, the cold hard light of day must tell you that you're just pushing it uphill trying to get the win.

But for me, what kept me trying and trying, was seeing many people in the venue winning big. I'd think to myself, surely it's my turn soon? If they can get it, surely you can too? Nah.....no way, not for me. And maybe 15 years of watching others get the big wins and jackpots just made me snap. As i posted in a previous post, not once did i collect a cheque for a $1000 win..in the time that law came into play. Not a once...and i probably lost 150K trying to do that over the 10 years or so that law's been in place. As you're rightfully highlighted..those odds are not worth taking anymore.

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RE: Overcoming the Painful Desires and Beliefs That Feed Addiction

Fri Jun 13, 2014 3:27 pm

Hi David

Thanks for this really awesome and useful article. I love Tiny Buddha!

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Overcoming the Painful Desires and Beliefs That Feed Addiction

Thu Jun 12, 2014 7:21 am

Are you guys familiar with the site tinybuddha? It contains so many useful articles!!

http://tinybuddha.com/blog/overcoming-p ... addiction/

I read this one today and I think it's very relevant to gambling addiction.

Gamblers will gamble for different reasons, but at its core, at least for me personally, it was a way to make money. There is definitely an element of chasing losses at least sometimes when a loss is fresh in your mind, but I don't think it's the primary reason.

I think over time, due to the numerous wins a gambler has had, it keeps them coming back for more. If you win big, you can do it again, right? I've come to notice that a lot of people dealing with a gambling addiction had "beginners luck" and that doesn't surprise me at all. And so our belief system is set up to think that with a bit of luck we can win life changing money.

But when we challenge these thoughts, you can quickly realise just how irrational such thoughts are.

First of all, winning the max on a pokie, $10k, not only is it extremely unlikely, it is NOT life changing money. But more importantly, the slot machines are programmed to take a certain percentage of whatever is put into them. So, even if you do get lucky, luck is a short term thing. If you keep returning back to the pokie machines, no amount of luck is going to prevent you from losing it all.

So I think it's important to change your core beliefs when it comes to playing the pokies. This is not something that happens over night. Something that has developed over many years will take time in order to truly change your core beliefs.

Every time you get a gambling urge, tell yourself "I can't win money playing the pokies". Forget about all the money they've taken from you. Its lost and you're not getting it back. But learn from the mistake, let go of any regrets, so that you can embrace change, and move forward with your life.
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