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30 April 2017- sports betting/ Meetup group

What are some strategies when trying to quit or cut down? What works for you?
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Re: 30 April 2017- sports betting/ Meetup group

Wed Mar 14, 2018 3:05 pm

Hi DF0017,

I know you posted this almost a year ago, but is this meetup group still happening?

As much as I am getting out of GA meetings, it would be great to form a group with a more social vibe. Going bowling rather than sitting in a dusty room with no windows, for example.

I'm in Sydney and in my early 30s also.

Hopefully you still check the forum every now and again and can see this.

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Re: 30 April 2017- sports betting/ Meetup group

Mon May 01, 2017 2:22 pm

Hi DF,

welcome to the forum and good on you taking this step, hopefully in the right direction! It sounds like you have a good job, so you're struggling financially necessarily, but hey, the costs of gambling are more than just financial aren't they.... And then we imagine how life could be without the gambling. Where do you think you could be in 5 years if you don't gamble? And if you continue to gamble?
I think joining the 100 day challenge would be a terrific idea - it's such a supportive group space and you can learn about how other people are managing their gambling and gain new insight into skills and strategies.
It sounds like you're not too keen on face to face counselling; there's also the Gambler's Helpline telephone service (24/7), which can be a really helpful place to start talking about it as well - 1800 858 858. I'm wondering if financial counselling might be useful given that you have some debt? Gambler's Helpline can give you info if you're interested.
In the meantime, I hope you find this a safe and supportive space.

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Re: 30 April 2017- sports betting/ Meetup group

Mon May 01, 2017 10:33 am

Hi DF..What you propose is a great idea,if I lived in Sydney I would be keen.You know you have a problem which is a good start..You can get off this rollercoaster with hard work and determination.And lets face it..you are young..do you really want to spend the rest of time chasing that next big win that never comes or if it does you lose it again? I think not.Make a concerted effort to stop gambling today,and again tomorrow,and so on..good luck
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30 April 2017- sports betting/ Meetup group

Sun Apr 30, 2017 7:29 pm

Hi all,
Im a 34 yesr old guys in Sydney.I'm posting to share my story- iv talked to two gam councillors (2012 and 15 ) but quite both after a short period. Basically iv been sports betting heavily for 10 years ( ongoing gambler for 10 more prior but mainly recreational) .
On one hand I'm lucky as I've a well paid job but in a way it's a curse as my cash flow allows me to continue wasting about 2k per month. I sit at about 45k of debt - which is sort of frightening.
I'm determined to give it a shot to stop now after loosing 7k in the last two days. I'm sure many know the feeling - annoyed and confused as to how I made the same old mistakes.
One thing I've found illisive is a Meetup group in Sydney for recovering gamblers( not GA) for some reason I don't feel comfortable talking about my case in Gam annomynous forum but a casual group to have coffee and chat with would be of interest.
I'm.considering going for the 100 days challenge - any thoughts/ recommendations.
The things in my favor are - my foxtel contract is running out next week so less news and temptations to back on footy match. I continue to have a decent job so can pay 3k a month of debt off. I just need to stop the cycle and get my life on track.
Thanks for reading- feel a bit better already for sharing my thoughts , cheers D
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