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How do you manage your gambling? Receive a $30 voucher on follow up.

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How do you manage your gambling? Receive a $30 voucher on follow up.

Postby Tom1 » Tue Jul 22, 2014 12:18 pm

Hi all!

Turning Point is conducting research into the types of strategies people use to reduce time or money spent gambling. It seeks to determine what works best for who and when. We are interested in how strategies change over the course of gambling from thinking about change to having maintained change over a year or more.

This study involves completion of a web-based survey that can be accessed any time from any Internet enabled computer. The survey involves answering questions about what self-help strategies you have used and whether they are helpful in addition to questions on your current or past gambling, mental health, Internet use and a few demographics about you. This survey will be offered to you twice, once when you sign-up and again at 4-weeks. We will send a prompt via email for completion of the survey at four weeks (note your email address will not be supplied to anyone else). In addition we ask that you provide your email address so that our admin team can send out the voucher as a compensation for your time. We will have two store vouchers that you can choose from up to a value of $30. Please note that you will only receive the $30 voucher if you do the second survey in 4 weeks time.

The survey should only take about 30 minutes to complete and can be accessed here!!! More information about the study is also available from the survey webpage. If that link doesn't work you can copy-paste this into your browser - bit.ly/1reEPKI

Thanks so much for your time!

Tom Cartmill

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