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Ready to Kick the habbit....

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Ready to Kick the habbit....

Postby electricash » Mon Sep 04, 2017 1:16 am

Hi All,

New here and am ready to try manage my bordering pathological Gambling addiction. I guess the first step is admitting the issue, the next step is actually doing something about it, so this is a first for me. Seeking help that is. I've been gambling for 22 years now, maybe slower periods in that time when i was parting in my mid 20s, but otherwise fairly consistent. I was introduced to pokies at the ripe underage of 15, this is when my addiction started. I am single middle aged guy and gambling is consuming me and my life and it needs to change. I felt my gambling was somewhat under control until i discovered Online gambling. My gambling of choice is pokies / slot machines. My current problem is , i work for myself, earn really good money, but have setup a a dedicated gambling computer, so I gamble whilst I work, I virtually wake up looking for the hit, if i dont get it online I will try get it at venue. I'm just over it, over the amount of money Im spending 1-2k plus a week... This week was around 4 k, and again I am left with nothing. The impact of gambling is the worst its been, i feel like i am living to gamble at the moment. I cancel and avoid social events, and even if i attend i sometimes get on my phone. In some ways I feel i have formed a relationship with gambling...... Just thought I would keep some sort of blog as it could be useful for others.
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Re: Ready to Kick the habbit....

Postby pamela » Tue Sep 05, 2017 10:28 am

Hi and welcome ..unfortunately gambling does take a hold and grips us in a vice until it sqeezes all the goodness from.us..obviously thats how you feel now..there are a lot of avenues of help and I suggest you take advantage of the help thats out there.close all your online accounts and shut down your gaming computer..stop throwing your money away and start living again..gambling makes us reclusive..its a hard road trying to give up.but its a better road to travel on than the road to destruction
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Re: Ready to Kick the habbit....

Postby User 59ae46a2069f3 » Tue Sep 05, 2017 9:19 pm

Hi I'm in the same boat, I'm 29, been gambling since 15, obviously not always full time but during that period I would virtual go through periods of being really good, then other periods emptying my bank account whether it's $50 that's left or $2000 the left.. only recently have I came into a lot more money and that addiction has got a grip and have the same feelings as your describing. Hopefully you work through these as I'm hoping to do
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Re: Ready to Kick the habbit....

Postby Jerry (facilitator) » Wed Sep 06, 2017 3:32 pm

Hi Electricash,

There is heaps of good advice here on the forums. Have a read through and see what sorts of things have helped others.

As a lot of your gambling is online one strategy you might want to consider is online self exclusion. One problem with online gambling is that not every website is based in Australia. The Australian websites have strict laws that mean they must exclude people that ask. But websites based in other countries don't have to abide by such laws. They can send you advertising even after you have quit the website. The best way to avoid that sort of thing is to get yourself a gambling blocking program.


(sadly they are not free, but much cheaper than gambling).

There are a lot of other strategies. Try everything, keep whatever is helpful.

And welcome to the forum
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Re: Ready to Kick the habbit....

Postby User 586eee5282d07 » Wed Sep 06, 2017 4:09 pm

Welcome to the forum, you will find some amazing support here with everyone understanding how you feel. It is tough to start but as time hoes by you will realjse stopping gambling is the best thing you have ever done. Use all the information and tools you ca n to fight this addiction. Good luck.

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