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The Power Of the Pokies

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The Power Of the Pokies

Postby Marcol » Tue May 15, 2018 11:56 am

Hi all. Came across this website today after trying so many things to stop my addiction to Pokies and thought “why not”
I have been playing for nearly 30 years and since moving to Australia and finding these machines with Insaine Jackpot amounts - my habit has turned into a full on unstoppable addiction.

I type here while at work after yet another crazy loss and I was inspired by a blog written by “desperate” last year - I wonder how she got on in the end.

Anyway I know many are in the same position as me - in massive debt, hiding from loved ones, feeling isolated while trying to remain normal to others, tears in the bathroom (and yes 48 year old males can cry as well!) and just no direction. But no matter what people say or share - one still feels like they are in their own because they have to deal with the addiction all day long in abnormal environment.

Last year with the help of counselling I stoped playing for 100 days so I know it can be done but it took a few beers one Christmas evening and the barriers were down.

I urge and reenforce what so may say and that is the one visit to the pokies and your back there again and again. Even if you say to yourself you won’t be. So please read this paragraph over and over

I would like to point out a few things I observe -
Who looks happy in the pokie room - take a look next time. Yes someone might be winning - a group of lads cheering with their beer - but look closely at the regualars - even when they win - it’s emotionless. We are lost inside the hypnotic lights that the gangsters who own the machines have so cleverly designed.

2- Nice of the pub to conveniently place a lovely discreet ATM in the corner of the room (or by the toilets) - $2.50 per withdrawal please sir

3- nice of the friendly bar staff to say “this ones on me” as they pour a pint of defence weakening beer. $200 the last free beer cost me.

4- Funny how all the machines tap into our child behaviour - Treasure , Where’s the Gold, Golden Nuggets ping ping ping.

5- Amazing when you leave the venue without the bus fare to get home - what a wonderful walk home in the sunny weather that is

6- Incredible to finally get home and meet your loved ones and put such a big smile on your face and they ask how was your day - amazing!

7- How lucky was I to spend $1000 to win $500 wow how I saved the day by losing $500

8 - it’s wonderful when you first wake up in the middle of the night with a cold sweat - the good thing is the first 5 seconds you don’t remember what you have done - then you remember - no more sleep tonight (as my wife is safely in the world of slumber ready to wake refreshed in the morning)

9- I really like having to drink as much alcohol as possible after a loss - it makes me feel so happy not!

10- I wonder how many people can relate to the above? People that don’t understand would read it and say “if it’s that bad why do it”

Those people can’t help us and right now I can’t help myself but sharing my thoughts may just trigger something other than the depressing desire to visit those Dens of depression!

Value any comments
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Re: The Power Of the Pokies

Postby Mona58 » Wed May 16, 2018 8:40 am

It is great that you put in writing. Took a load of your shoulders and brought things into perspective!

My memory of the guts of the D-dens is now a little fuzzy... SO l'm grateful for your post... reminds me of what Was once part of my life.

Mona-... on day 214 GF! -- -. SEVEN MONTHS and 1 day!
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.~Confucius
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Re: The Power Of the Pokies

Postby Calvin (facilitator) » Wed May 16, 2018 11:19 am

Hi Marcol.
I'm Calvin, one of the forum moderators.
First I would like to say welcome to the forum and good on you for reaching out for help.
It sounds like you have been in and out of the cycle that many fall into.
Its refreshing to hear your insight, reflections and observations of your gambling and the gambling environment overall.

Was your previous counselling experience through gamblers help?

I encourage you to give Gamblers Helpline a call at 1800 858 858, as they are a 24/7 counselling service that can also refer you onward to face to face counsellors. These gambling specific counsellors can help you to come up with strategies to help you to tackle gambling. There are also financial counsellors that provide financial support for people having areas of debt, or struggling to pay bills as a result of their gambling.

It is important to manage the urges you have and understanding what truly motivates you to go and gamble. Many people struggle with this and this forum is a good place to start and to reach out for help.


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Re: The Power Of the Pokies

Postby chilaxis » Thu May 17, 2018 10:48 am

Very insightful, thanks for sharing Marcol. There are many similarities to sports-betting in terms of the emotions and temptations built-in by the gambling provider.
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Re: The Power Of the Pokies

Postby Sadmum » Fri Jul 06, 2018 4:06 pm

This is my first post ever , everything you said rings so true to me, I’m a 30 yo female and I don’t know how to stope
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