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It's a frightening addiction

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Re: It's a frightening addiction

Postby sinny » Tue Jun 06, 2017 2:28 pm

Hi all !
I m a gambler as bad as anyone else in this forum. I m now a bankrupt thanks to the stupid mistakes of took out loans and credit cards to fund my bad additions...i once gambled at casinos..then last few years i turned to pokies and sport bets...well, all of them are the same..at the end we are all the losers. All i need now is how to control it...even i dont need to pay back those personal loans or credit card debts, i still need the money to spend in day to day life...so, what i m trying now is to restrict my bets and/or playing pokies...dont know how but i will try...afterall i got nothing left now..my credit rating is dead for at least few years from now ..all i have is my income from work..and you can keep all your income of up to $1077 after tax if you have no dependant which is quite. Good luck to all...and if things getting out of control, go bankrupt...and see if you can quit gambling..keep smile and be happy
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