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Wife goes underground to keep playing Pokies

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Re: Wife goes underground to keep playing Pokies

Postby Bada » Mon May 29, 2017 12:48 pm

So thankyou everyone who has helped me with advice through this.
My partner has lived to her promise of assuring me that life will be harder if I leave her, than if I stay.

Here in PNG she has used corruption, bribery and manipulation to damage the court hearing with respect to custody of our children. In addition, she launched a physical attack on myself and friends while we were out for dinner at night, breaching her restraining order conditions. Accompanied by Police, I went and collected my children who were left in the house with an incompetent babysitter while she was on a drunken, abusive rampage around town. She retaliated by bribing her own relatives in the police to aggressively pursue me, and have me charged and locked up for trespass. 3 months later I am still trying to battle a corrupt system to have my name cleared of these charges. I have not seen my children since that time and she refuses to cooperate.

She is reported at the Pokies still on a regular basis, usually accompanied by different men who buy her drinks and give her money. My employer is paranoid about my security, and I am trying to get out of here, but need to deal with the Court stuff first. My custody hearing for the children I am sure will fail and I may as well withdraw the case, as I believe she has also bribed the child welfare officers.

This is tragic for my girls. They are also Australian citizens and deserve to have the love of their Father, not live only in her crazy alcohol/gambling fuelled world. It breaks my heart that the only option I can see now is to leave with pretty much a suitcase, and work out another way, someday, to try and protect my daughters.
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Re: Wife goes underground to keep playing Pokies

Postby pamela » Mon May 29, 2017 1:12 pm

How hard things are for you but justice will prevail..hang in there and never give up
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Re: Wife goes underground to keep playing Pokies

Postby Jerry (facilitator) » Thu Jun 01, 2017 4:57 pm

Hi Bada,

I am sorry to hear that things have been working to terribly for you. I think all you can do it focus on being the best person you can be and slowly work towards building a relationship with your children in the future.

I would love to offer some suggestions as to services that might be able to assist you, but I only know about Australian services. I hope you can find someone in your area that can help you.

Stay strong.
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Re: Wife goes underground to keep playing Pokies

Postby fray » Mon Dec 25, 2017 5:41 am


This is so sad and wrong.

How are you? where are you?
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