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day 1

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Re: day 1

Postby Arni » Tue Jan 10, 2017 7:30 pm

Yes the dopamine release and all the other chemical responses involved makes it challenging to stop.To fill in the void.I think good deeds are about the only thing that can give you that *high* if we can describe it like that.Only one other way and thats self destructive in its own right.I sometimes wonder is chronic gambling equal to drug addiction.Some would say very similar.Well all the best for now jacksons while you are working you are not gambling....stick to the plan man you will get there.....see you at the finish line :) &peace to all :)
ps....By good deeds I dont necessarily mean donating money....it can be anything cleaning gutters,house repairs,furniture restoration, tiling bathrooms/kitchens,gardening....etc etc.These are all good deeds as the end result is satisfaction and accomplshment of a task started and finished.
I would also like to acknowledge those members who have been able to succeed with their gambling addiction and still spend their time helping others with advice and support. You dont have to do this ....you choose to do this from your heart :) .....its a wonderful thing to see .I wont mention names.......you know who you are....a BIG THANK YOU for your time and moral support.Hmmmm thats about it for now.
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Re: day 1

Postby annnie » Wed Jan 11, 2017 8:03 am


Hope all's well with everyone, agree with you Arnie, there is much to be gained from helping others and also in receiving help. The feelings are similar to a ' win ' without the financial costs. However one needs to be careful that too much is not given, I know some may say you can never give enough, but I would disagree particularly if there is lets say a disorder involved whereby it is give, give, give and the balance is not there. So one goes looking for something to fill the void and thus well here I am. Moderation is the key. I had help from someone doing my gutters on the weekend and also some other very small jobs that took an hour in total, I cannot remember the last time I received help. I was so appreciative as the receiver of a good deed it felt like a 'win' and for the giver I cooked them a nice meal which I know was much appreciated. That is what I call balance. So in moderation it is a great substitute. From there I was put onto my new facebook game ' words with friends' ( online scrabble ) & there is always someone there wanting to play. As I mentioned to Sandra I just have to be careful about the time I am spending on the game so now put the timer on then get off it but I am getting that same feeling at no cost.

Take care all & thankyou all for being here
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Re: day 1

Postby jacksons » Wed Jan 11, 2017 6:26 pm

Hello thank you all for your contributions.

Today is Day 11 for me clean!

I already know this year is gong to be different.

Good to you all!
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Re: day 1

Postby pamela » Wed Jan 11, 2017 10:05 pm

Well done Jacksons..keep up the good work
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