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Thoughts on the Interactive Gambling Act 2001?

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Thoughts on the Interactive Gambling Act 2001?

Postby Kaitlyn » Wed May 08, 2013 2:32 pm

Hi everyone,
My name is Kaitlyn and I am writing to gather some ideas and perspectives around the current laws in Australia in regards to online gambling. I have been looking in particular at the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 and have found interesting contradictions within the policy and the growth of online gambling within Australia. Have many of you have had involvement with online gambling? And why? I myself have always rathered land-based forms of gambling, generally as I participate in gambling quite rarely and when I do it tends to be for social purposes.

The policy states that thatany individual found offering online gambling websites to Australians will be fined a maximum of $220,000 per day or $1.1million per day if any organisationis found offering online services to Australian residents. To this day there are no reports of any charges laid for offences made against this policy, however current research suggests that more than $1billion is lost by Australian residents using off-shore and illegal online gambling websites. What are your thoughts on this data, does it come as a shock?

Within the policy it also statesthat it is an offence to “broadcast or publish interactive gambling service advertisements in Australia”. How often have you seen ads for online gambling services whether for Australian or foreign services? What form of media were these advertisements viewed (eg: TV, internet, radio, etc)?